What is Love? Definition of Love

What is it?
Is it the innocent dependency of a baby on his/her parents? Is the habit of togetherness of the old couple? Is it the passionate mutual attraction of the teenagers?

Love is such a word which cannot be defined with a specified set of words. Most people these days don’t believe in love. Love or as you called relationships these days starts with an attraction and few mutual interests and ends with lack of understanding, lying, cheating or sometimes just for clash of interests. These days people search for love in faces and bodies but forget that those are temporary and would wear away with time. A mental match or connection of mind is something people should look for. But alas! People won’t even talk to a person who is not attractive in their eyes. Love is like an equation, to make it grow you need positive inputs, negative things will only reduce it. Look for such a love which will have the highest peak of trust, so much that when the whole world goes against you, he/she will be by your side without you even saying a word. Love is not just one emotion, it’s the combination of different emotions. These days people think love is mostly about date nights, giving gifts to each other and physical intimacy but in real love is a very deep feeling. It’s about understanding the feelings of your loved one even in silence, it’s about caring about all little things possible, it’s about sharing every little secret without any inhibition, it’s about being in love with them at their best and at their worst. Love is an emotion which will make your heart warm on cold nights when you think about sweet moments or memories of togetherness or about all the sweet nothings that you share with your loved ones. It is an emotion that can make your heart cold in warm parties if you miss the person you love, if you fought with the person or if you just miss the togetherness. Love is not one emotion but a series of emotions tied together. You laugh, you cry, you fight, you get angry, you enjoy, you make moments, you believe, you become happy, you become sad, you become dependent, you expect the unexpected and everything beyond that with your loved ones being the constant. Love is something that you can never have enough. Time is a very crucial and limited thing. So, love each other to the fullest and live the love you have each and every moment. Not all people on this earth are fortunate enough to live this special emotion called love. So, if you have loved ones in your life, if you love someone or if someone loves you, appreciate it, be grateful for that.

I would like to know from my readers on what love means to you? Do you appreciate it on a regular basis? Are you grateful for the love that you have?

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  1. Love is so so intricate. Itโ€™s a feeling as can be seen thru the discussion Winnie is having with Piglet. Love is wonderful (sometimes) and love is terrible (sometimes). I donโ€™t take love for granted anymore though but will take any that comes my way ๐Ÿ™‚ but hugs and love are always emanating from me to all of you out there (to โ€œall creatures great and smallโ€). Life is too short. Take care. MZ

  2. Hi! A nice post makes you think about things you usually don’t. This sure did that for me.
    Love is a lot of things, a mother’s sacrifice, dad’s protection, brother’s support, sister’s care, friend’s time, lovers hug and many more. There’s not one definition of love.
    But does “unconditional love” exist, what do you say?

    1. Unconditional love is such a big word to define. I do not believe that there can be something called unconditional love as expectations, care and protectiveness comes naturally with love. Be it mother’s care or father’s pampering or brother’s protectiveness or lover’s passion. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ What’s your opinion on this?

      1. I agree with you whole heartedly. I don’t believe in unconditional love. There is always, always some expectations attached to the person you love. By far the “nearest” unconditional love I have seen is a mother’s love.

  3. Love for me is a feeling of being together… I come from a country where Love is considered as the Almighty personified… Being one with him and experiencing the fullness is love for me… Pls keep writing…

  4. “Love is an emotion which will make your heart warm on cold nights when you think about sweet moments or memories of togetherness or about all the sweet nothings that you share with your loved ones”
    Thst truely stood out to me. Remembering old experiences helps us to ignite happy feelings within ourselves.

    1. Wow, that’s great. Thank you so much. I have never imagined that I will get bloggers recognition award within a month of starting my blog๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you so much for the Honor.

      1. Encouragement in the beginning itself, motivates the writer to explore possibilities to excel since awards will come and go but inspiration makes a residency in our system and spurs us to write more.

        Lets see more and more of your writings and more awards in the coming days.

      2. When one gets motivation in writing in the beginning of anything, it spurs to exert and write something more interesting than hitherto done by any author. Your assertion of definition of ‘love’ is really excellent. Let see more of your writings and more of awards will follow.

  5. A word I haven’t heard here in connection with love is EMPATHY — a commitment to ‘feel’ another person’s life, to share in that person’s joys and anxieties, and to want all the best for that person….not in material terms, but in terms of as much fulfillment and as little gratuitous suffering as possible.

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