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Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in USA centered around food and family to celebrate a good harvest by a feast. Originally Thanksgiving was originated as a harvest festival. President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwells in the Heavens,” to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November. Together with Christmas and the New Year, Thanksgiving is a part of the broader fall/winter holiday season in the USA.  Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks, prayers, good wishes, feasting and spending time with family and friends, being thankful for god’s blessings and celebrating good harvest with feasting. Similar events and celebrations are made all over the world with different names & way of celebration in different countries. Some of them are, Pongal, Nabanna, Onam, Makar Sankranti in India,  New Yam Festival in Nigeria, Mid Autumn Festival in China, Alaverdoba in Georgia, Maras Taun in Indonesia, Oktoberfest in Germany, Apple & Grape Harvest in Australia, Barbados in Caribbean’s etc.

Thanksgiving or any holiday is a great time to spend quality time with friends and families and also a great time to surprise someone with a gift as a token of appreciation, affection or love. From simple to specialized gifts, this thanksgiving gift someone something amazing from the Top 15 Thanksgiving gift ideas below, so that you never have to worry about what to gift on Thanksgiving.

  1. Cookware/ Serve ware/ Bake ware


If your loved one is passionate about cooking, baking or just a new learner or a budding chef by watching cooking shows like Masterchef or some channels on YouTube, then, look no further and gift them cookware, serve ware or bake ware. Kitchen tools are always welcomed for any home, but if someone is into cooking, they would love them. You can choose from a variety of Pots, pans, cookware & bakeware sets and also stunning serveware that are also available in the hottest colour of rose gold these days. You may check out the below options-

2. Baked goodies (D-I-Y)

Who doesn’t love a gooey brownie or a yummy cookie as a gift, especially if it is handmade with love and wrapped with care by someone special? This Thanksgiving bake a gift for someone and pack those baked goodies in a brown paper or plastic and put a ribbon on it. It will surely put a smile on everyone’s face.

3. D-I-Y Knitwear


When it is mid fall and there is a slight nip of chill in the air, who wouldn’t like soft fluffy cozy knitwear that too knitted with love by someone special? If you can knit then it is the best time of the year to gift a handmade knitted sweater, scarf or muffler to help keep your loved ones warm and cozy with love in the chilly weather.

  1. Scented candles

The festival season has started with Thanksgiving and since it is mid fall, there is a slight nip in the air which calls for a warm Pumpkin spiced latte with some warm scented candles and a cozy corner to enjoy the weather. Be it a me time with scented candles or aroma diffusers for relaxation or decorations and celebrations for all the upcoming parties and holidays, candles play a great role in all these. Thus, gift someone a set of scented candles or decorative candles as a thanksgiving gift. You may choose options from below-

  1. Gadgets

In this era of globalization and digitalization, everything is becoming digital. So for the gadget freak in your family, you can gift them a power bank to keep their phones, tablets always charged to make them able to be socially active as much as they want. Also, if you want to gift something for the entire family, a digital photo frame would be a lovely gift by keeping cherishing family memories in a convenient digital platform.

  1. Wall Décor / Artwork

A precious beautiful artwork or a gorgeous wall painting or décor makes any home look more beautiful. Since, white walls are in rage right now, a wall painting or an artwork would provide just the right dose of colour to the background, thus, making it a perfect thanksgiving gift. You may choose from soe option below-

  1. Books

Fall or winter with a warm cup of coffee, all curled up in a cozy nook of sofa with favorite book to read in this holiday season, sounds great, right? Well, it is. This Thanksgiving grab and gift someone their favourite genre of books or choose from a wide range of bestsellers to gift them timeless classics that won everyone’s heart for a long time.

  1. Gift Baskets/ Subscription Boxes

People these days are all about trying and discovering new things. Thus, more and more brands are coming up with the idea of subscription boxes to feed people’s hunger of curiosity and discovering new things. These days you get subscription boxes or gift sets of anything and everything. Be it beauty, clothing, food, jewelry, books, pet essentials etc you name and you have it. So, if you cannot decide on what to gift this thanksgiving then just select a subscription box and gift it to them. Thus, the recipient would get a variety of things all at once.

  1. Centerpiece/ Décor item

Every home loves decorating especially when its festival or celebration time. A cute or a classy centerpiece, décor item or a showpiece is always a great gift as a token of love that captures a small part of a house but a large part of heart and memory. You can check out some of the items below-

  1. Plant Sapling / Gardening Tools

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by being thankful to our mother earth or nature then provides us with everything we need? air, food, water and all other every essentials of life. This Thanksgiving gift a plant sapling to be thankful to mother earth and return some of the gifts back to nature. Those who has a garden or loves gardening, this makes an ideal gift of lifetime to them. In addition, you may also gift gardening tools for the garden lover to keep himself or herself more close to nature by spending more time in gardening.You can check out some of the items below-

  1. Customized stationery set

In today’s era, we love everything customized as per our needs and wishes. So, why not customized stationery set with names imprinted on them or as you can say names written with golden letters? A customized set gives you the freedom to add or remove things as per requirement and also lets you choose colours, designs and make it exactly as per the wish of the recipient. Getting gift as per own choice, well who doesn’t love that? If you love the one’s in the picture, please find the link here- Picture (above) Click here & Picture (below) Click Here .

  1. Souvenir

Holidays are all about spending quality time with friends and families. If you live outside your state or country and are going home for the holidays, then, a souvenir would make a perfect gift of both memory and thanksgiving. You may pick up from where you are currently staying or may pick up from online on the go. You may like some of the items below-

  1. Bath & Body Giftsets

A warm shower or a dip in the bathtub in this chilly weather feels so good and relaxing. A bath & body set or a set of aroma oils would be a perfect gift for this weather so that your loved ones enjoy the warm cozy time while getting relaxed. You may check out some items below-

  1. Chocolate, flowers & wine

Now, comes the classic gift of chocolates, flowers and wine. If you have shortage of time or just cannot decide on what to give to the thanksgiving host then you can go on the safer side of buying wine baskets or just simply buy and assemble a bottle of wine with a combination of some dark and milk chocolates and a bouquet of fresh flowers. This combination works every time ensuring you have something to gift on thanksgiving.

  1. Gift Voucher

Lastly, if you are not sure about what to give and also do not want to go for usual chocolates, flowers and wine combination then you can buy and gift a gift card or voucher. Almost all sites and brands now comes up with the option of gifting a gift card thus saving you from choosing a gift and brings a big smile to recipient by being able to choose gift as per own wish.

Exchange of gifts, feasts, meetings, gatherings, parties all are a part of Thanksgiving or any celebration. But the main and utmost important thing is that Thanksgiving or holidays like these brings people, friends and families together and create a special moments of bonding which are to be cherished forever.

Have you decided your Thanksgiving gift yet? What is most important about Thanksgiving to you? What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

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