Skincare Trend for Radiant Glowing Skin – Double Masking or Multi Masking Regime

What is Double Masking or Multi masking? Double Masking or Multi Masking refers to a technique in which a layer of face pack or mask is applied and washed off or removed and then a new face pack or mask with different formula is applied so that each formula can work on the skin in one go. It is true that healthy skin comes from within, but, the dirt, dust, pollution, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, makeup these days can ruin your skin from outside and can make it look dull and damaged. Double Masking is a concept to detoxify first and provide necessary nutrients and hydration in the second to reverse the skin damage from deep inside the cells.

Since Double Masking is one of the hottest skincare trends of beauty insiders now, I thought of taking inspiration from that and trying the technique by myself. Guess what, I totally loved the after effect of double masking on my skin. My skin looked fresh, bright, supple and super hydrated. This masking routine can be done at any time of the day as per your suitability but I would recommend doing this before sleeping at night as all the detoxification and nutrients work on your skin while you are sleeping, thus giving you a fresh, glowing, radiant skin when you wake up. Find the steps of double masking routine and products that I used in my double masking regime below-

Step 1

Cleansing Balm / Cleansing oil / Baby Oil

The first and most important step for any skincare routine is removing any traces of makeup. For removing makeup you may use any of Cleansing Balm / Cleansing oil / Baby Oil and some cotton pads or wipes. Pour in some of the oil in a cotton pad and remove and wipe out your makeup. For cleansing balm, take a small dollop of balm and warm it in your palms and massage it all over your face to remove makeup. Here, I used Johnson’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E as it is very gentle on the skin while removing all traces of makeup including the waterproof one as well.


Facial Scrub

You might think why scrubbing before cleansing right? I prefer to scrub before cleansing to remove any residue from the scrub as well as to make my skin squeaky clean. For this, I dampen my face with water and then put on a light layer of scrub on my skin and keep it on for 2-3 minutes. The water and scrub will make your dead cells to loosen up so that when you scrub, the skin becomes clear and free from dirt, impurities, and dead cells. I used Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan-Removal Scrub and since this is a clay-based mask, I splashed water on my face to dampen it and kept the layer of scrub a little over 5 minutes before actually scrubbing.

Step 3

Facial Cleanser

After scrubbing and rinsing my face, I used the CLEAN & CLEAR® Foaming Face Wash to remove any trace or residue from the scrub and traces of makeup if any. After washing the face, now my skin already feels free of dirt, impurities, excess oils and dead skin cells. You can use any cleanser as per your skin type or but it is better to use a cleanser that does not leave a moisture layer behind.


Peel Off or Detoxification Face Mask

Now the masking part of the much-hyped double masking regime begins. For this step, you can use any face pack or mask with detoxification formula or any face pack or mask that targets your issue areas or zones (Eg: Acne, breakouts, tan, patches etc) or a general peel off or detox mask. I used the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Peel-Off Mask which has the power of Neem and Turmeric, both of which are great for skin and since this is a peel-off mask any residual dead skin or impurities will be cleared off.

Step 5

Hydrating Mask

The last step of this skin-pampering double masking regime is a hydrating mask to provide the much need hydration and nutrients back to the skin. This step is to revive the dull cells and reverse the signs of dirt, dust, pollution, stress, lack of sleep so that the skin glows and becomes radiant. I used the Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening & De pigmentation Face Pack since I had some tan and also this pack is enriched with fruit nutrients which are great for skin. For this step, apply a layer of face pack or mask or a sheet mask and when your skin is hydrated enough or the mask dries, rinse/ remove the mask.

I generally do this regime once in a week before going off to bed (Preferably on weekend). After the mini skin pampering session, when all the 5 steps are done I rinse off the final mask of 5th step and if I applied any face pack then I use a moisturizer or night cream and if I used a sheet mask, then I just massage the remaining serum all over on my face and some serum in my hands also and go off to sleep.


Have you heard about double masking before? Do you like the idea of double masking? Would you do it and make it a part of your skin care routine? Do drop in a comment.


P.S: Skincare products and skincare regimes work differently on different people. Please do a patch test before proceeding. Some steps might work for me in this order and might work better for you in a different order.

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